Year 3

Below are the outlines for the topics covered each half-term.  As these are developed for our new curriculum they will be added.  There are also links to the associated Curriculum Maps, which outline the key objectives covered, both within topic and in stand alone lessons.


Autumn 1 - Back in Time

This topic is History based. The children will be travelling back to the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age to develop their understanding of chronology. They will be involved in many exciting activities and will begin their journey back in time by participating in a full day workshop. They will take part in activities relating to the time period including building a life-size roundhouse, making jewelry and Stone Age tools from flint. They will be learning about places such as Skara Brae and Stonehenge and looking at everyday life and how it compares to life today. Using pastels and paint, they will create their own cave paintings and use clay to make thumb pots and coil pots. They will look at fossils and the features of different types of rocks and begin to learn how to categorise them.

Autumn 2 - Healthy Living

The children will be developing their understanding of what a healthy diet is and why they need one. They will be looking at healthy and unhealthy foods and the importance of a balanced diet.  They will study the human skeleton and identify the names of the major bones. They will learn how important calcium is for making healthy bones and that their body can only get calcium through the food they eat. Linked to this theme, the children will visit Cote Hill Dairy Farm and learn about everyday life on a farm. They will have the opportunity to feed the chickens and collect eggs, meet the cows and calves and see the different stages of the cheese-making process. Back at school, they will take part in tasting a variety of cheeses from around the world.

Throughout this half term, the children will also be involved in rehearsing the Christmas production of ‘The Stars come out for Christmas’ developing their talents as actors, comedians, presenters and singers.

Spring 1 - The Romans

This topic is History based. The children will be travelling back to the time of the Roman Empire and learning where and when it began. They will look at the impact the Roman Empire had on Britain. Using an atlas, they will develop their understanding of maps and broaden their geographical knowledge, identifying the continents and oceans. In History, they will develop their chronological knowledge and their understanding of the terms ‘invaders and settlers’. Using the knowledge that they gained in the autumn term, they will be able to compare everyday life in the Celtic and Roman times. The children will participate in a workshop where they will undertake practical activities relating to the time period. In small groups, they will build a life-size catapult and battering ram and a section of a Roman road. Following this, they will design and create their own mosaics and shields using a variety of materials.