Below are the outlines for the topics covered each half-term.  As these are developed for our new curriculum they will be added.  There are also links to the associated Curriculum Maps, which outline the key objectives covered, both within topic and in stand alone lessons.

Autumn 1 - Around the World

We will start by visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park to learn about where endangered animals came from as well as identifying on a map the locations of countries around the world. This will include the countries of the United Kingdom as well as the capital cities. We will learn more about why animals are endangered/extinct produce animals fact files and descriptive writing. We shall also be concentrating on the continent of Australia and design and make didgeridoos.  We will also learn more about traditional Australian folk songs as well as produce aboriginal artwork. We shall learn about the ear and how vibrations can be identified as sounds by the brain. The children will also participate in a music workshop which will help them understand more about instruments from around the world. In DT they will also design and produce an instrument to represent a country from around the world.  

Autumn 2 - Around the World

Our work on our Around the World topic will continue.  We will use atlases and ipads to locate the rivers, mountains and volcanoes around the world.  We will focus predominantly on the continent of Africa and understand more about the countries and people which make up the continent. Children will each investigate different a countries from Africa and produce a fact sheet to tell others about it.  We will also focus on the African artist, Gakonga, and produce work in a similar style using pencil crayons and paint.   The children will also identify famous Volcanoes around the world and then work in groups use paper mache to build their own. They will then use bicarbonate of soda and food colouring to erupt them.  In science we will look at food chains as well as the relationship between them such as producer, herbivore, consumer, predator. The children will also look plan and conduct a science experiment to investigate reversible and irreversible changes using chocolate. Closer to Christmas we will design and make a stocking using the seam stitch and understand how Christmas is celebrated around the world. The children will also continue their 3 week blocks of swimming to achieve the national curriculum benchmark.

Spring 1 - Invaders and Settlers

This topic is History based. The children will be learning about aspects of Anglo Saxon and Viking life. They will develop their chronological knowledge and their understanding of invaders and settlers. They will compare life today to that of the Anglo Saxon and Viking Settlers. They will be encorporating this learning into a performance, which will consolidate their understanding.